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 Spoiler thread for DKC!! Ask for any spoilers here and June or someone will answer your questions! :joy:
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Here is a site https://dysrysummaries.wordpress.com/2016/05/29/dkc-master-post/ with summaries of DKC up to 2000 chapters  :bliss:  now I have spoiler help!!!!


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Spoiler question from DKC mainpage:

I don't remember when Nangong and Su Luo was married but it was before chapter 3000. Su Luo's love from pass life that killed her kidnapped her on her wedding night, so there was a lot of things going on that way... By chapter 3200 the first part of the book or Nangong and Su Luo's life in this world end as they both choose to go to travel to the spirit world (or another universe in a higher plan).

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Wait he kidnapped her ?!  :shock:  Did he also travel from Earth to the world where Su Luo is ? Or did he get reincarnated ? How did this happen and why did he kidnapp her anyway ?
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Yun Qi the backstabber boyfriend from her previous world followed her to this world. He was reborned into the body of a prince of another nation as gifted as Nangong Liuyun and looking as hot as he was from the previous world.

So the mysterious person who paid for the dragon ring to be found was actually Su Luo's real mom (who is not part of the Su Family in this new world. Su Luo is from another higher universe I keep calling the spirit world). Su Luo's mom told Yun Qi that she choose him as her husband and she must act as if he is betraying her so her spirit would go to this world. Her mom also told him to get to this world so Su Luo will meet him soon after being chased by a stalker apothecary who loves her new Apothecary teacher (getting him to be her teacher is coming up in another 100 chapters or so).

Yun Qi really does love Su Luo and knows everything about her but he is just as bad as Nangong Liuyun in showing it. He is the silent protective type...Nangong Liuyun is the deadly obsessive type...So Yun Qi tried to get her back but Nangong Liuyun keep getting in the way...Her mom had set up competition for choosing her future husband and Yun Qi competed with Nangong Liuyun.

On the night of Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun's marriage Yun Qi kidnapped her then tried to rap her. Eventually he gave up his life to save her and died...If Nangong Liuyun hadn't existed they would have gotten back together...

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Dream Festival

OMG!  Totally did not see that coming!   I totally misunderstood Yun Qi!

And her mom is still alive?  Who is her dad then?

Will Rong Yun like her or is he her dad?  Will Suluo knows the truth why Yunqi did all that?  And will she knows Beichen Ying likes her?   :love:



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Su Luo's mother and father are both alive (at least it was implied). Her father is a powerful god like figure in the spirit world, her mother is from a powerful family in the Spirit world like Nangong Liuyun. Nangong Liuyun was actually from the spirit world he was missing from that world for 10,000 years until he and Su Luo returned together (neither knew they were both from spirit world until later)

Rong Yin like her mom, and they were taught by the same Apothcary teacher (if I remember correctly)  Yun Qi told Su Luo everything but she was never given a chance by Nangong Liuyun to forgive Yun Qi (Nangong Liuyun keep interrupting Yun Qi's explanation etc...)

Su Luo knows Beichen Ying likes her and actually set him up with her friends. Her friend and Beichen Ying will marry in this story later on.

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Dream Festival

Oh lol, I really like Nangong Liu Yun's personality  :dancetogether:

He's so agressive in an affectionate manner. 

One last question for today, I promise!!!!  Is the novel completed?  I checked the original page and it didn't appear to be so  :nonono: